Hi, welcome to the blog. A number of years ago I trained and practised in sports massage whilst working as a trainee architect and studying at West Kent College. The time came when I had to make the choice of which career to pursue full time and Architecture won. A couple of years back I decided I would like to take up my massage skills again in order to diversify from my architectural work. It soon became obvious that in order to set up a fully insured practice I would need to go back to college to obtain the necessary qualifications and join the FHT. I have recently completed studies to gain my qualifications in A&P (anatomy and physiology) and swedish/body massage. Alongside studying and continuing with my architectural practice I have built a new studio/treatment room and am now up and running. I am returning to college next term in order to study further in sports/remedial massage and injury diagnosis.

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Thursday, 30 September 2010

Gillingham Agility Weekend Show

Another trip out For the Body Mechanics trade stand but this time I was definitely going to find time to compete with my sheltie Kizzy in between treatments.

This is Tamzins home turf so it was nice to join forces once again and share the work load.

It was nice to be able to get on the show ground a day early, on the Thursday, to set up and have a good chill out before opening up the stand on Saturday morning. The wind was gusting on the day of arrival so although we managed to get the gazebo up ok we had a bit of a sleepless night worrying whether it would be halfway across the show ground by morning!

Friday morning and a nervous peek out the caravan window revealed that the gazebo had stood fast...phew!

After a slow start on Saturday morning things started to gather pace with a steady flow of customers for both of us, some new and some repeat customers from our previous show. It's such a shame that the Agility season is drawing to a close just when we were getting established with the beginnings of a following. It's probably going to be the Easter show 2011 before Body Mechanics sets up its trade stand again, but don't forget we're always happy to treat people at my studio in Kent or Tamzins home in Dorset in the interim.

Sunday turned out to be a perfect summers day with business still brisk and the last customer leaving around 6.00pm.We were packed up and on the road by about 7.30 and home in about 3 hours..........exhausted.

A very enjoyable last trip out with the caravan for 2010. Kizzy and I even managed a few good rounds of agility, bless her cottons.

Another successful weekend for Body Mechanics. Thanks for all your hard work Tamz, and thanks to all our customers from both of us.

See you all next season, or before if you come and see us! You'd be very welcome.............

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